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Thompson & Co. represented 2 ex-miners in bringing test-cases to trial against British Coal Corporation.

This resulted in success for our clients and has led to a compensation scheme being set up from which thousands of ex-miners will benefit.

Thompson & Co. were one of only 5 firms of solicitors that make up the British Coal Vibration White Finger Steering Committee.

In order to succeed with a claim for Vibration White Finger against an employer it is usually necessary to prove that the employer was negligent or in breach of his statutory duties in exposing you to vibration and that this led to you suffering injury.

In Claims against any other employer it will be necessary to provide evidence (usually in the form of witness statements) that you used vibrating tools on a regular basis. It is also often necessary for us to arrange to obtain evidence from an engineer to confirm that the levels of vibration to which you were exposed were sufficiently high that your employer should have been taking steps to protect you.

Subject to our confirming we consider you have reasonable prospects of success we will normally arrange for you to undergo a medical assessment with a consultant to confirm whether the symptoms you suffer are related to your exposure to vibration.

A person usually only has 3 years to issue court proceedings against an opponent from the date they are aware they are suffering from a significant injury and connect that to their employment. Since Vibration White Finger is a progressive disease and comes on over a period of time, many claimants may already be out of time however the court has discretion to waive the three year time limit. The court is unlikely to waive the 3 year time limit if it considers that any delay in pursuing a claim has led to the ability to fairly dealing with the claim being affected. If you contact us we will advise you when we believe the time limits in your claim started to run and when we consider any coulrt proceedings should be started to protect your position.

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