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Failings Leading to Increased Asbestos Cases

Review of Information Following from 2019 – ‚ÄėCrisis Level‚Äô Increases in Mesothelioma-Related Deaths

Mesothelioma - Making a Compensation Claim


Although the HSE predicts that numbers of cases are due to decline after 2020 – they have previously predicted earlier falls in mortality rates per year. Due to historic failings by governmental bodies, regulators and employers – many workers may have been negligently exposed to asbestos – predominately in the 1950s – 1970s because of the wide use of asbestos. The carcinogen asbestos was widely used in industrial industries and this has led to workers developing asbestos, mesothelioma or other lung diseases such as pleural thickening.


As diseases such as mesothelioma or asbestos-related cancers can occur or develop over 50 years after the exposure to asbestos Рunfortunately, there are still more cases left to develop by the negligence that occurred in the 1950s Р1970s. We are able to support you when making an asbestos-related claim. 


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How Was Asbestos Used for So Long as an Insulation Material?


As mentioned, asbestos was used for an exceptionally long time considering the fact that health risks and links to lung diseases and cancer have been made for decades (with the first accounts of asbestos mining causing illness dating back to ancient times.) Unfortunately – some companies within industries that negligently exposed workers to asbestos, as well as members of the asbestos industry, attempted to boycott information about the medical link that proved asbestos is a carcinogen and that it could potentially cause a range of lung-related diseases.


Workers who mined asbestos are the most at risk of negligent exposure whoever workers in the shipbuilding industry (ships were heavily insulated with asbestos) as well as other industries such as mining and construction. Following on from the 1950s-1970s, demolition specialists may also have been put at risk as asbestos was used as an insulator in buildings until the 1980s / 1990s. Currently, there are rigorous assessments that have to be made before buildings can be approved for demolition in regards to asbestos. 


The Difficulty of Reporting on Asbestos-Related Fatalities in the UK


Although cases of Mesothelioma are reported (this lung condition is almost exclusively linked to the exposure of asbestos) other lung conditions and cancers can be harder to prove that asbestos was the sole cause of cancer. As a result – there may be more cases that are not being reported and it makes it somewhat difficult to get the true picture of fatalities in the UK every year when looking at lung cancers and diseases when individuals are exposed to asbestos. There are also cases where indirect exposure may have also caused lung diseases – in certain cases people may have been in contact with asbestos particles from family members – such as when they are cleaning their clothes. This can also cause lung diseases relating to asbestos.


Making an Asbestos Related Compensation Claim

Increased Cases of Mesothelioma


Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for mesothelioma although there is constant research trying to find a cure. There are methods that are in place to prolong life as well as other methods that seek to make life more comfortable when the symptoms of this disease are in full effect. You may be able to make compensation claims against employers of past and present should you have developed a lung disease and have been negligently exposed to asbestos – which caused you to develop this specific disease. Even if your employer ceases to exist – we can still make a claim on your behalf so if you have or suspect to have been negligently exposed to asbestos and developed an asbestos-related disease due to failings from an employer – get in touch with our expert team of personal injury solicitors today.