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Finding a Solicitor in Newcastle

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Find a Solicitor Newcastle

Finding a solicitor is a very important process, especially when considering the difficulties that can arise during a legal dispute. With the many different factors and considerations to consider (especially when making a personal injury or negligence claim,) this can understandably be a confusing and stressful time for you and your family. You may feel distrust in your employer or medical practitioner and therefore feel worried about making a claim against them. Finding a solicitor that understands your requirements and supports you fully during your case is of the utmost importance, as this ensures that you are supported every step of the way during your claim. Thompson & Co Solicitors has been offering support and advice as well as representation to our clients in Newcastle and the surrounding areas for many years. In this article, we will discuss what to consider and choosing how to find a solicitor in Newcastle as well as how our team of solicitors can help you during your personal injury or negligence claim. For personal injury in Newcastle or to find a solicitor in Newcastle, enquire with Thompson & Co Solicitors today or telephone our solicitors now directly on: 0191 5656290

Why Finding a Solicitor is Important

As touched upon, finding a solicitor is extremely important when making a personal injury claim or negligence claim as this can be a difficult case to prove that you were injured due to negligence in order to claim compensation. The fact that you are required to prove that injuries sustained were solely due to the negligence of an employer or practitioner, having a solicitor represent you during your case is highly beneficial. We can help you to prove that your injuries were sustained solely due to this negligence where you may be able to claim compensation. Finding a specialist solicitor for any area of the law is also very beneficial as specialised solicitors deal solely with the area of law to which they specialise. Being represented by a solicitor that specialises in a certain area of the law makes sure that you are receiving the most relevant and up-to-date legal advice as possible and you are being represented by a solicitor that has represented clients in a similar situation to yourself. Although every case is unique to the individual, experience from similar cases is highly beneficial in offering support and guidance during your claim.

Find a Solicitor with Thompson & Co Solicitors

Finding a solicitor is simple with Thompson & Co Solicitors. We pride ourselves on our compassionate, professional and easy to understand service utilising our experience which we have gained from over 20 years of providing specialist advice to members of the public in personal injury, clinical negligence and related matters. Using our experience, we can offer a comprehensive representation in which you will deal directly with the Senior Solicitor that is responsible for your case. This also lets you ask questions and remain in control during your claim with us. Your claim will be dealt with on a no win no fee basis where you will not be asked to sign credit agreements or loan agreements. We have represented clients employed across a variety of different industries such as clients who have worked in heavy industries including shipbuilding, coal-mining, engineering, construction, demolition. We have also assisted our clients in medical and dental negligence claims where a medical practitioner has caused a misdiagnosis or injury that was solely due to this negligence. As it can be difficult to prove that negligence occurred (as an independent medical opinion will be used to assess if your injuries were caused by negligence) working with Thompson & Co Solicitors can offer you guidance during your case.

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Finding a solicitor in Newcastle with Thompson & Co Solicitors will ensure that you have the relevant representation during the entirety of your case. Whether you are looking to make a personal injury claim against an employer or if you are looking to make a dental or medical negligence claim then we have the experience and knowledge to help you. Working with our team of solicitors, we will represent you throughout the entirety of your claim. Using the wealth of experience that we have to offer, we will also offer a comprehensive and compassionate service when representing you. If you wish to find out more information on making a personal injury claim or medical negligence claim then we are readily available to advise you on this. Making a claim can understandingly be troubling during this stressful time and our solicitors will endeavour to help make it as stress-free as possible. Should you be looking to find a solicitor in Newcastle or find a solicitor near me in Newcastle then ensure that you contact Thompson & Co Solicitors today or telephone now on: 0191 5656290