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Medical Negligence & Dental Negligence Cases

Medical Negligence & Information

In this article, we look at the types of medical negligence cases where a claim can be made, the process that Thompson Solicitors, for example, would take you through on how to make your claim and the type of typical case that arises in a medical negligence claim in Newcastle over the last couple of years.


The world of medical negligence can be a minefield of specialist, undecipherable language and I’m not only saying that because we are concentrating on medical negligence in Newcastle either. The whole industry is a crossover between the legal and the medical world. You need a specialist like Thompson & Co Solicitors to enable your safe passage through to the outcome you desire. 


Medical Negligence Claims & Information


The most common types of a medical negligence claim are the following, internal injuries that you may have suffered through surgery or an invasive treatment by a doctor, this could be a bowel or bladder injury perhaps or a failure to diagnose a specific problem which, in most cases would be expected to be found. Added to this you may have been diagnosed with a cancer treatment too late, in these Covid times, this will, unfortunately, be something that we will see more and more over the next few years I’m afraid. You may also have suffered hurt, harm or suffering through a dental procedure or perhaps had teeth removed that were perfectly saveable. Unfortunately, there are even cases where Dentists have overprescribed expensive treatments when nothing of the like was required to fix the problem. This is not limited either to just the UK.


Where it’s a clear error on the part of a medical professional, Thompson & Co Solicitors in Newcastle will work hard on your behalf to find and prove that the treatment you had was below the standard that you should have received and that you are due a considered amount of compensation for your losses. These losses are often monetary but can also be down to physical and mental changes which can easily account for a higher portion of your financial settlement. You may have also lost the ability to work so this would be taken into account also within your medical negligence claim in Newcastle. You often hear that patients go into hospital with relatively minor pain and issues but come out of the hospital feeling much worse which continues to get worse during their, so-called, recovery time or convalescence at home. This is often because mistakes have been made which you are fully entitled to question and query and that’s why Thompson & Co Solicitors will obtain your medical reports and work with experts in that field of medicine to build your case for you.


This is important information regarding your medical negligence claim, your claim must have started court proceedings within 3 years of you first being expected to realise that there may have been a mistake in your procedure. It takes into account the fact that directly after the procedure everything was fine and that you couldn’t possibly know you had a problem until there were signs of that problem. However, don’t delay because the longer you leave it the more difficult it can be to prove liability. Your medical negligence claim in Newcastle could depend on you getting to Thompson & Co medical negligence specialists sooner, rather than later. 

Dental Negligence Claims & Information

Medical Negligence & Information

A common source of negligence claims these days are from the dental world. With treatments now widely more available from private dentists we have seen rises in dental negligence claims for procedures such as the incorrect fitting of implants, nerve damage suffered in surgery, failing to offer other solutions which are less drastic to the work you had completed. A dental negligence claim can also be sought after should your dentist or dental practitioner or dental nurse fail to spot signs of decay, gum disease or specific types of oral cancer.


A common type of medical negligence claim, in Newcastle, that Thompson & Co solicitors can help you with is a claim after a visit to the local accident and emergency room. Big medical negligence claims here are centred around failure to diagnose and treat injuries correctly such as not having the accessibility to the right type of scanning equipment such as X-rays, CT Scans and MRI scans. Although we love our NHS, hospitals are insured against these types of situations and mistakes happen, which if it does affect you or a loved one then you are due to receive the relevant compensation so don’t feel bad about coming forward about your potential medical negligence claim or dental negligence claim.


We hope that this article has informed you about the type of help you can get with your medical or dental negligence claim by getting in touch with Thompson & Co Solicitors in Newcastle.