Medical Negligence York | Making a Negligence Claim

Medical Negligence York

We regularly support clients in York and the surrounding areas in a wide range of medical negligence claims. Not one claim is the same however we have likely represented clients with similar claims and so our team can support you using the experience from this case. We are available to support you during the entirety of your medical negligence claim. We can represent you in a wide range of different claims including the following:


  • Failure in diagnosis of an illness or delays in diagnosis.
  • Delays in the diagnosis of cancer or misdiagnosis allowing cancer to develop.
  • Injuries occurring directly from surgery or mistakes made during a procedure.
  • Other specialist cases such as misdiagnosis of strokes or Cauda Equina Syndrome


We understand that there may be concerns with current events and physical meetings therefore, we are able to discuss your claim through a variety of different methods. These methods include discussing case details on Video Conferencing such as Zoom & Microsoft Teams and via telephone and email should you not be able to or wish to visit our offices in person.

Establishing a Case That Medical Negligence Has Occurred

In order to determine if negligence has occurred, you will have to prove a number of factors as well as have a medical report from a medical expert which advises on the treatment or care that was provided. You will need to determine that the treatment received was not to a standard that could be reasonably expected. If a claim progresses against a medical practitioner – they will be able to build a defence if their treatment is in line with the view of a responsible body of medical opinion.

You more likely than not will have to prove your injuries would not have occurred unless negligence occurred due to actions of a medical practitioner. There are some cases such as injuries sustained from surgery where you will not have to prove this. Misdiagnosis or delays in diagnosis may also apply as later diagnosis of some diseases can drastically affect quality of life.

At some point during your case – you will need to obtain a medical report from a medical expert. This advises on the treatment provided and whether the treatment was sufficient or negligent. This report will also advise should this be needed on whether your injury would have occurred regardless of negligence suffered.

If you wish to find out more information about the potential of your claim, please get in touch with a member of our expert team.

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Time Restrictions & Financial Compensation When Making a Negligence Claim

You usually have to make a medical negligence claim and issue Court Proceedings within 3 years from the date you first knew or could have reasonably known that negligence has occurred and that you have suffered an injury as a result of this negligence. In some cases, the Courts will allow a time period greater than 3 years. Family members are also able to make claims for the deceased regardless of whether the negligence caused their death. 

It’s important to keep a record of all financial costs that have occurred directly due to your injury. This may include loss of earnings, damage to clothing, medical fees and transportation/care fees. 

Should you feel that you have the grounds to make a claim or require further information about medical negligence in York, get in touch with our team today. We can support you throughout your claim as well as offer advice during the entirety of the claim. We have many years of experience representing our clients in York and the surrounding areas. We are more than happy to discuss the details of your case.

We will deal with your claim on a no win no fee basis. You will not have to enter any credit or loan agreements for your financial peace of mind. Your case will be handled and supported by one of our expert senior solicitors.