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Our solicitors have many years of experience of pursuing Asbestos Claims & Mesothelioma Claims for our clients. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, approachable and compassionate service. We have acted for many years for clients who have worked in heavy industries including shipbuilding, coal-mining, engineering, construction, demolition. Our clients are mainly based in the North East of England including Sunderland, Newcastle, Wallsend, South Tyneside, Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees, Darlington and Northumberland but we can also act for clients anywhere in England and Wales.

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There have been many uses of asbestos over the years in many different products and industries. You may have been exposed to asbestos without realising it at the time.


If you are suffering Mesothelioma, Pleural Thickening, Asbestosis, Pleural Effusion or Lung Cancer due to asbestos exposure you may be entitled to compensation. We hold details of insurers for many companies who exposed their employees to asbestos. Even if the company no longer exists it is usually still possible to pursue a claim if their insurers are known. Many people who have been exposed to asbestos never develop an asbestos related disease. We will help you to prove that someone negligently exposed you to asbestos without taking reasonable precautions.

Family & Deceased Claimants

Family members or other relatives of those who have been exposed to asbestos may be able to make Asbestos Claims if they develop an asbestos related illness due to exposure to asbestos fibres which they brought home on work clothes. You can still pursue a Claim even if the person has died. For example if you are the person’s husband, wife, dependent or personal representative and there is evidence that they suffered an asbestos related illness. You must ensure that following the person’s death the local coroner is informed and post-mortem examination is arranged.

Mesothelioma Newcastle

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Claiming Compensation

If a claim for an asbestos claim is successful you will recover compensation for pain and suffering as well as compensation for financial losses caused by the asbestos related illness. For example

  • The cost of medical treatment or medication
  • Loss of earnings
  • Travel expenses to and from a GP or Hospital for treatment
  • Care and assistance someone has had to provide because of the illness
  • Loss of Pension

Time Limits & Pleural Plaques

You usually only have 3 years to start court proceedings from the date you become aware you are suffering from an asbestos related illness. In some cases the courts may allow a claim to go ahead outside of the 3-year time limit if you have a good reason for not pursuing the claim earlier. If the sufferer has died then Court Proceedings usually must be issued within 3 years of the date of death. If you think that you may be suffering from an asbestos related condition or disease you should seek legal advice immediately. As a result of a House of Lords Decision in 2007 it is not possible to pursue a civil law claim for compensation for pleural plaques alone.