COVID-19 Update - Thompson & Co Solicitors

Solicitor Sunderland

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Open For Business

Whilst there remains much uncertainty regarding the duration of the current Government guidelines, we would like to reassure all new and existing clients that we remain open for business during this period whilst continuing to follow government advice.

We remain on hand to provide you with support and guidance so do not hesitate to contact us as you need.

Methods of Contact

Where possible, please communicate with us by email or telephone.

Please also bear with us if it takes longer to respond than usual as we anticipate we may have reduced staffing levels in the coming weeks.

We are taking a number of  other steps to ensure that we can maintain business as usual:

We will discuss most matters with you over the telephone or by video conferencing (subject to you having compatible equipment and software).

We will only hold appointments in our offices in urgent or unavoidable cases. We would be grateful if you would therefore refrain from attending our office for all but urgent matters.

We will be unable to offer home visit appointments in all but the most urgent cases and this will be subject to us carrying out an individual assessment of the risks posed to you / our staff / their family members by attending a client in their home.

Prior notice of Attending Our Office

If you do have to attend our office we would be grateful if you would please contact us prior to attending the office if possible to confirm whether you have visited a restricted area, come into contact with anyone with coronavirus and/or been advised to self-isolate.  Again, this is a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the virus.