Asbestos Claims Information - Mesothelioma in Newcastle

Asbestos Claims Information & Mesothelioma in Newcastle

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Mesothelioma Claims NewcastleMesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops in the lining covering the outer surface of some of the organs within the body. This type of cancer is often linked to asbestos exposure as the asbestos fibres that may have been inhaled whilst working around asbestos get stuck inside the lungs. Although asbestos was banned completely in 1999, older buildings may still contain this material. Individuals or workers working throughout the last 50 years however may have been working close to asbestos or may have been exposed to asbestos for extended periods of time. Due to this, employers may be liable to paying compensation either due to the fact that they were aware of the dangers of asbestos or due to the fact that workers were working in asbestos affected areas.

There are a wide range of individuals who may have been exposed to asbestos historically, including teachers, shipbuilders, asbestos and coal miners, individuals in the military, construction and demolition workers among others. As shifting or moving asbestos can release fibres into the air, construction and demolition workers may have been particularly at risk of exposure and inhalation. Second-hand contact can also cause Mesothelioma, such as washing clothes containing asbestos fibres. In this article, we will discuss Mesothelioma as well as how you may be entitled to asbestos compensation.

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Causes & Symptoms of Mesothelioma

As discussed, Mesothelioma is often caused by asbestos fibres sticking inside the lungs once the fibres have been inhaled. This damages the lungs over time and signs of the disease remain invisible for many years. Mesothelioma typically develops more than 20 years after exposure to asbestos. Symptoms often include pains in the chest and difficulty in breathing, unexplained weight lost, a cough that doesn’t go away or fatigue. Fluid will begin to build up in the lungs or in other affected areas which causes the symptoms of the disease to appear. An x-ray is often used to diagnose the condition although other tests include draining fluid for analysis, a thoracoscopy to investigate with a camera (under sedation) or a CT scan taken to get a better picture of the inside of your body. Once this has been diagnosed, treatments include chemotherapy, radiotherapy. Surgery is sometimes used if the disease is diagnosed at early stages.

Exposure to Asbestos & Compensation

If you have worked in heavy industries and other industries you may be aware that you have worked in the presence of asbestos. You also may not be aware that you were exposed to asbestos as exposure to this material is enough to cause Mesothelioma. Many who have been exposed to asbestos do not go onto developing Mesothelioma. If you are suffering from Mesothelioma, Pleural Thickening, Asbestosis, Lung Cancer or Pleural Effusion due to asbestos exposure then you may be entitled to compensation. Whether you have developed a disease associated with asbestos exposure or if you were negligently exposed to asbestos without taking reasonable precautions then Thompson & Co Solicitors are here to advise and support you. We also hold details of insurers for many companies that exposed their employees to asbestos. Even if these companies no longer exist it’s possible to pursue cases if their insurers are identified. Family members or other relatives of individuals who have been exposed to asbestos may also be able to make claims against companies should they develop an asbestos-related illness due to fibres on workers clothes as mentioned. You usually have only 3 years to begin court proceedings when you become aware of a disease that was caused due to being exposed to asbestos. If the sufferer has died then court proceedings usually must be issued 3 years after the date of their death.

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Mesothelioma Claim NewcastleIf an individual’s asbestos claim is successful then you will recover compensation for pain and suffering. You will also receive compensation for the financial losses that occur from this illness. For Mesothelioma for example, this would include the cost of medical treatments, expenses for travelling to the hospital or a GP,  loss of a pension or care that needed to be provided due to the illness. If you think that you are suffering from an asbestos-related disease such as Mesothelioma then you should seek legal advice immediately. If you are suffering from an asbestos-related disease due to negligence from your employer or a previous employer then you deserve and may be entitled to compensation. Our team of expert solicitors have many years of experience pursuing Mesothelioma and asbestos claims in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Should you feel that you require legal advice or further information on an asbestos claim or Mesothelioma then do not hesitate to contact our team. If you are looking to pursue a Mesothelioma claim in Newcastle or if you are seeking to make an asbestos claim in Newcastle then contact Thompson & Co Solicitors online today or telephone our team now on: 0191 5656290