Philip Thompson - Thompson & Co Solicitors

Philip Thompson

Senior Solicitor and Principal of the Firm.

Admitted as a solicitor: 01/11/86

SRA ID:134951

Philip studied International History and Politics at Leeds University before sitting the Common Professional Examination to become a solicitor

After completing his training he worked for South Tyneside Council advising the Education Department & Social Services Department.

He subsequently worked in a number of general high street solicitors at Mark Gilbert Morse Solicitors in Newcastle and Grunhut Makepeace & Duffy in South Shields.

He became a partner at Treanors Solicitors in Sunderland in 1993 dealing exclusively with Industrial disease claims  He developed a large caseload of VWF claims against British Coal and litigated a number of these cases. He was at the forefront of making representations to the local Legal Aid Board to ensure funding remained in place when it was significantly under threat. Following the British Coal Vibration White Finger cases becoming part of a Group Action he successfully applied for the Legal Aid Contract to pursue/manage/ co-ordinate the VWF litigation against British Coal.

In 1995 he set up his own firm ‚Äď Thompson & Co. – to deal exclusively with Personal Injury claims. He has developed the firm through a combination of marketing and personal reputation / word of mouth of clients. Throughout the lifetime of the firm he has never used any referral agencies such as claims management companies etc.

Philip successfully conducted two of the test cases for Vibration White Finger against British Coal and played an active role on the Steering Committee both throughout the litigation and subsequent negotiations with the Government. As part of his role he advised other firms pursuing Vibration White Finger cases in relation to the operation of the Claims Handling Arrangement.

He has continued to deal with all aspects of claims from initial instruction to settlement maintaining a varied caseload dealing primarily with clinical negligence, Industrial Disease and higher value/ more complex claims. He has considerable experience of litigating cases to trial.

Philip has excellent negotiation skills and has attended many Joint Settlement Meetings which in some cases have led to seven-figure settlements.

He successfully represented a child in relation to Cerebral Palsy suffered at birth involving both the Health Authority and medical equipment supplier.

He has a great deal of experience in dealing with a wide range of complex and high-value personal injury and medical negligence claims including:-

  • spinal injuries
  • cerebral palsy
  • misdiagnosis of stroke
  • misdiagnosis of heart problems
  • failure to diagnose appendicitis
  • bowel injury due to surgery
  • gynaecological injuries

He also represents clients in claims for

  • Asbestos related illnesses such as Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, Pleural Thickening, Asbestosis
  • Vibration White Finger
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Professional Negligence relating to the conduct of Personal Injury claims

In his spare time he enjoys watching most sports but particularly football (he supports Stoke City), NFL, horse racing & golf.

He used to regularly play golf & tennis but time and family now rarely allows this.

Recent cases include:

Asbestos Related Illnesses

  • ¬£123,500 recovered for the family of a man who developed Mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos while working for a British Shipbuilders Company.
  • ¬£145,000 recovered for man who contracted mesothelioma due to working in construction industry and chemical works.
  • ¬£300,000 recovered for joiner who contracted asbestos related mesothelioma
  • ¬£225,000 recovered for widow of a former teacher who developed asbestos related mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos at work.
  • ¬£290,000 recovered for electrical engineer who developed asbestos related mesothelioma as a result of installing lifts in ships.

Medical Negligence

  • ¬£1.1 million recovered for spinal injuries suffered as a result of negligent surgery
  • ¬£500,000 recovered for failure to diagnose spinal injuries leading to significant disability.
  • ¬£175,000 recovered for back injuries caused by a hospital failing to carry out proper investigations
  • ¬£729,000 lump sum plus ¬£74,000 per year for life recovered in relation to a claim for cerebral palsy suffered due to a birth injury
  • ¬£30,000 recovered in claim for negligence by an orthopaedic surgeon in relation to treatment of a shoulder injury
  • ¬£50,000 recovered for negligent removal of a fallopian tube during surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.
  • ¬£200,000 recovered for client who suffered injury due to misalignment of screws during spinal surgery
  • ¬£18,500 recovered as a result of dental negligence in carrying out bridgework leading to loss of 3 teeth.
  • ¬£8,750 recovered from a local hospital trust for pressure sores suffered while in hospital giving birth.
  • ¬£20,000 recovered as a result of negligent dental treatment
  • ¬£40,000 recovered for injuries suffered due to failure of a hospital to diagnose an ankle fracture
  • ¬£80,000 for client who suffered peritonitis as a result of negligent bowel surgery
  • ¬£150,000 for injuries arising out of negligent treatment of an ankle injury
  • ¬£40,000 for negligent dental treatment leading to need for dental implants
  • ¬£100,000 for negligence of a dentist in not identifying cancer of the tongue